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Operating Hours
Seven days a week from 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Marina & Tuba Shop

​Sittee River Marina is located on the Sittee River with close proximity to Caribbean as well as Anderson Lagoon. Craft capacity is 110 feet with a maximum of an 19 foot draft. The bar mouth depth varies and the lowest recorded depth is 4 feet 6 inches at low tide. The Marina comfortably accommodates vessels and features brand new floating docks with full hook-ups including electricity, water and Wi-Fi access.


On-site amenities include bathrooms, showers, gas dock, bar and restaurant. Forget or run out of an essential item? The Tuba Shop is stocked with most essential items for your visit. The surrounding peace and tranquility makes the Sittee River Marina a perfect port of call when travelling through Belize.


  • Various berth sizes

  • Shoreside electricity 30 and 50 amps

  • Water

  • Fuel and butane station

  • Wireless internet available

  • 24 hour security

  • Shuttle services

  • Gift & sundries shop

  • Rental of various sea sport activities

  • Authorized booking agent for Tropic Air


Mooring/Docking Rates

Prices listed in Belize Dollars and are subject to change without prior notification and fully executed dockage agreement. We do not allow live aboards.

  • Daily (1-6 days): $1.65 per ft

  • Weekly (7-29 days):$1.15 Per ft

  • Monthly (30 days+): $1.00 per ft

  • Yearly: $0.50 cents per ft **to qualify one (1) year must be paid in advance**

  • Electricity: $50/day

Service Rates
  • Loading/Unloading (includes bathroom usage): $5 per person

  • Vehicle Parking: $10 per day during operating hours; $25 per night

  • Trailer and RV Parking:

    • Daily (1-6 days): $1.65 per ft

    • Weekly (7-29 days):$1.15 per ft

    • Monthly (30 days+): $1.00 per ft

    • Yearly: $0.50 cents per ft **to qualify one (1) year must be paid in advance**

  • Trailer pullout or launch: $20

  • Power wash: $5 per ft

  • Bucket of ice: $14

  • 1/2 bucket of ice: $7

  • Water fill: $0.50/gallon

  • Cable jump start: $15

  • Use of air compressor: $1

  • Bathroom fee (non members): $1

Open Dry Dockage
  • $400 monthly


Annual Marina Membership

Not keeping your boat at the marina? Then these are great options.

  • With a boat: $0.25/foot based on total length of vessel. Inquire with management for multiple vessel discount. January 1st through December 31st  (pro rated)

  • Without a boat: $100 per week

    • Fees waived for loading and unloading guests at designated docks 6 am to 5:30 pm (after hours loading/unloading is prohibited)

    • Designated area for parking and loading zone for 2 vehicles per vessel

    • Fees waived for rest rooms

    • 50% discount on all of your ice purchases


All bills are subject to 12.5% Government Sales Tax (GST).


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